Harbour Point Condos, VA Beach - Greg Gaston

Timeliness of Payment: N/A
Overall Attitude: Bad
Communication: Bad
Scheduling: N/A
Price Negotiations: Bad
Reasonable Punch list: N/A
Interfering with Staff: N/A
Unexpected changes: Bad
Access to Jobsite: N/A
Safety of Jobsite: N/A

Greg Gaston got involved in a pile replacement project that we had already been approved for by the Board, spent the time to get the permit approved, were trying to get the mobilization scheduled and then he decided to renegotiate pricing with me. After he did not understand the complexities of the project, he then started bad mouthing me to the Manager and Board Members when he forgot to take our Operations Manager off the email chain. The neighborhood was fine to work with but we dropped the contract after his disrespectful and unprofessional demeanor.

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